Friday, February 3, 2017


Im being warded again
The sugar haywire
I didnt eat much, but still, its haywire
I became less responsive, unable to wake up from sleep, when they found me. They resus me.
I donno, how far did they know, the things that i try to make a secret
How can i love others
How can i give empathy to others
How can i treat others
When i dont like myself
I dont like what i've become
Its unfair
So many things happen
All to me
And u want me to be grateful?
Grateful for what!
Its unfair
Unfair! Unfair!
Its unfair what u give to me!
I will never be grateful
U think im superwoman
Im far from it
Its funny isnt?
Look me suffer alone, this way
Funny isnt?
N somehow, im not even a good person
They all lead a normal life
Just a little heartbreak
Here and there
But at least they are normal
Y all to me?
I just dont understand Y?
Kill me 1 shot
Erase me forever in this world
But dont make my parents sad!
Y am i even born in this world