Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Effect of Green Tea on Blood Sugar

I've been drinking green tea for the past..... 4 days *lol*... but the thing is, every time I consumed green tea, I will have the worst hypo symptom ever. as u all know, I'm having type 1 diabetes and it was so frequent that I have the hypo attack compared to hyper since being diagnosed in February 2015. and whenever i'm having hypo, i'm gonna correct with A LOT of food or drinks or anything that available in the fridge and it is actually so dangerous as my blood sugar gonna be sooo haywire.

and green tea seems to make my hypo worsen. last night, i'm doing work out, like usual. and in between the work out, instead of drinking plain water, i'm taking green tea to re-hydrate myself. u know what happen next? i'm waking up at 6 am with the worst hypo symptom ever. after getting up, 50% of my vision consist of light and i cannot walk straight and my head was so light that i feels like i'm flying. so i grab anything in the fridge and eat while sitting on the floor. 

Today, i reduced my insulin dose to 6 unit during lunch and dinner. because i'm always having hypo 2 hours after lunch and dinner...and in addition, i also drink green tea...and u know what, i'm still having hypo. and the most weird thing is that, i didn't reduce the dose of insulin for breakfast but i drink green tea. i've never been hypo 2 hours after breakfast (i dont know why) but after taking green tea, this is the first time i'm having hypo 2 hours after breakfast...

so i've been thinking, is it true that green tea worsen my hypo symptoms? hmmm..i've no idea actually...but one thing for sure, for now i will keep drinking green tea as it is so good to my body. it is one way of detoxification and in long term, it can prevent cancer. so why should i stop? :) 

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