Thursday, April 23, 2015

Life lesson from me :)

As I said before,  I only write when I'm sad/ got nothing to do.  So people,  please. Forgive my emotional roller coaster.  Okay, previous post just shows how bad me as a muslim. I shouldn't say things like *f*** this life right?. Yeah. I know it. I was wrong. And as a person with type 1 diabetes,  there's a time in a day where ur emotion gonna be so ridiculous that u just want to put the blame on anyone.  N because of this uncontrolled emotion,  currently I'm having a fight with dekli. Ok so funny.

i got this pic from canadiandiabetic instagram

And the next day, u will be soo neutral that all the pain that u feels before has gone. Yeah. Like totally gone. No more pain. No more sadness n u just happy with the way u are. N if in future, u got a friend with type 1 diabetes,  just bear with him/ her whenever the emotion is off. *whoa, sounds like a vampire isn't it*

Its totally not ok if I'm questioning everything that happen in my life but believe me, its not permanent.  It's just part of my ridiculous emotion and yeah, even with that,  I shouldn't put the blame on God for whatever happen right. Ok, it's a lesson to me. I really need an anger management.

And I want to share something,  exercise really help me. If u exercise,  u will get a lot of benefits. At first, the reason for me to exercise is just part of my lifestyle modification after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. But then, after a few weeks of intense exercise,  I could feel something good. The feeling is good even the body is suffering.  I got body ache all over. But with time,  all the ache will go away, good feeling remain and perfect body will follow. Some people may think, even with exercise,  why my body still got no changes?  Relax. There's a saying " how can u see the changes only after few weeks of exercising for the body u have made for 20 years"  something like that la. N exercise release endorphin that much needed by people like me. So, what are u waiting for,  move ur ass n go to exercise.  At least 30 minutes per day! Come on, u can do it. U will feel soooo much better. Believe me.

And please,  don't eat garbage. Or else,  u will end up getting type 2 diabetes. Type 1 is okay because the pancreas is the culprit. As for type 2, u r the culprit to ur own body. kah kah. Eat less junkfood, can drink like coca cola and anything that u consider as garbage. Come on, love ur body and do justice to ur body. U want to use it in a long term. No more burger at night. No more carbonated drink,  no more kfc or mcd, no more sweet drinks. If it is not possible,  just try to reduce the  intake. U can do it!

If possible,  do not make urself having all the famous disease like diabetes,  hypertension,  hypercholestrolemia.

"Do something now, and u will be satisfied in the future. U do nothing,  u will be suffering tomorrow,  .....not literally" ok people, good nightand always find something that make u feel so good to ur ownself. as for me, currently i'm addicted with workout but eat clean, it is so hard. at least i'm trying by not eating garbage. night :)

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