Sunday, April 14, 2013


in life, there's so many things that u need to choose..and sometimes, u dont know which one is better..then, u follow ur so-called "gut feeling",,but then, it might be a wrong choice...n u will regret it for not choosing the other is complicated..

the same goes to me..when i have a choice, i tend to choose the bad one..why? because it seems more interesting and enjoyable..i'm not thinking of the consequences.. everytime i make a mistake for choosing the wrong choice, i regret. but then, i'll do it again n again n again..why r?? i'm confuse..

now, i need to control myself...if something is clearly not good or bad form me, i need to avoid that choice even though it seems happening and interesting and wonderful.. u know urself better than others..make sure u make the best decision for ur life. :)

"life would be better if u choose to make it better" -ryan-

its all about choices :)

our lives are a sum of the choices we have made

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