Monday, April 2, 2012

the power of delena

this video is the promo for ep 19, season 3 of The Vampire Diaries..unlike the previous promo,,this promo already got 1115 likes, 300 000+ views and 2000+ comments just in 3 days..its soo amazing okay..because,, i will analyse the number of likes, views and comments for every promo  and for this one,,the number is keep increasing..everyone are talking about Damon and Elena..this promo is all about Damon and Elena..Damon holds Elena's hand...Damon lying on the same bed with Elena..Rose who is rooting for Damon and Elena..Elena  told Damon that Stefan think that she has the feeling towards Damon,,and Damon reply back with 'do you?'..his face is sooooo cute while asking that question.. i've watch this promo for thousands time..its all the power of DELENA..if Julie Plec can't see this,,then the rating will going down and down and down..i know that she is a STELENA fan,,but most of the viewers are a fan of DELENA...we all know that DElina is DEstined :) 

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