Monday, February 13, 2012

vd and dawson creek

banyak entry pasal vampire diaries..klu cousin aku bace mesti meluat ni kan..hehe..tapi nak tulis jugak.. :))

Kevin Williamson said that Elena chooses Pacey..

while Julie Plec said that Damon is like the show's Pacey...

pacey is the second hero for Dawson Creek teen drama, 1998..this drama is sooo famous at that time..and it is created by Kevin Williamson..there are 6 seasons all together...

KW said Elena chooses Pacey, and JP said that Damon is like reaction...

is it true????
is it for real!!!!
is it just a fan fiction? NO..KW and JP made the statement already!

so...thak you......

delena fan

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