Friday, February 10, 2012

quotes :)

"stefan and elena can have each other, they're hypocritical douches"

"Elena needs to feel the pain Damon does. She doesn't deserve him."

"the writers are pissing me off a little. I'm not even really paying attention to the SE/DE triangle"

"I hate how Damon is getting hurted by Elena all the time."

"Team Salvatore ,forget Elena"

" I'm Dalena, but now I'm more team Damon !!"

"I absolutely agree with you about what the writers are doing. It SUCKS."

"Nice work, JP (julie plec) & KW! *sarcasm*"

"Elena = Deserve Suffering.
Thank you, Rebekah. "

"Damon loving too much is a problem? Elena's indecisiveness is too much of a fucking problem!!!"

" I swear, Stefan should look in a mirror"

"I'm seriously pissed off at Stefan right now."

"Stef, I love you, I do, but dude you are being such a freaking hypocrite right now"

"Can't believe I'm arguing on youtube, but if it's for Delena, I'll do it! "

"Thats a reason I think stelena are right for each other, they dont make good decisions and get themselves into dire situations. I wasnt saying anything criticizing about stelena fans, I was criticizing the couple."

♥ t3aM dAm0n fTw♥

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